Dining Reservations and Table Management
ReServe Interactive is more than a paper reservation book transferred to a computer. It is the only software program with Smart Reservation Technology™, ensuring that reservations are taken accurately and efficiently while optimizing covers and maximizing service quality.

Table Management further enhances this capability by presenting a graphical representation of the dining room with interactive table status. This feature streamlines the management of servers, tables, walk-ins, and arriving parties while providing the details necessary to impress each guest with exceptional service.


Smart Reservation Parameters — define table inventories, turn rates, and seating rates, which integrate to present available time slots for new reservations. With Smart Reservation Technology, reservationists easily follow the established rules, covers are optimized, and service quality is maximized.

Automatic Reservation Book — quickly enter, edit, find and move reservations, track no shows and cancellations, and view reservation totals at a glance.

Customer Relationship Management — collect important details about customers including their preferences and special requests, contact information, special dates, and a history of visits, cancellations and no shows. Effortlessly enables all wait staff to offer high quality, personalized service.

Multiple Restaurant Support — access a separate reservation sheet for each restaurant; ideal for a centralized reservation center. One system supports an unlimited number of restaurants. Automatically flags duplicate reservations made by the same customer in different restaurants.

Private Room Reservations — define virtual dining locations within the restaurant, and block any of those locations for private events.

Cancellation List — manage a list of guests that have been turned away due to a lack of availability for the requested service period. These guests can be contacted if reservations cancel, assisting in maximizing covers.

Fully Integrated E-mail Capability — send messages with attached menus or directions. Schedule automatic reservation confirmations using custom defined templates.

Marketing Tools — track referrals, establish incentive programs for concierges, and implement direct mail and e-mail promotional campaigns.

Reports — create professional reservation sheets, pace reports, cover count analyses, and revenue summaries. Print a reservation chit for wait staff that includes all reservation details and the customer’s profile ~ no more verbal instructions, or lost or forgotten special requests.

Security Control — limit access to features on a per-user and per-restaurant basis.


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