Hardware & Networking
InnSource Solutions offers a wide variety of hardware and networking solutions to its clients by providing personal service and customizable business technology products.

From the very basic systems to Advanced Microsoft Servers, our team is here to meet your needs. From wiring your existing office on whichever topology you choose, to setting up users and security, to Local Area Networking (LAN) and Wide Area Networking (WAN), to Internet or Intranet Integration, security, firewalls, routers, backup solutions, Inter-Office messaging, Replication and fault assurance, we can and do provide it.

Hospitality Clients

For our hospitality clients it is critical that our proposed software solution will work with their current computer/network configuration.  By applying our in-depth knowledge of business and information technologies, we will consult with you to determine what your company needs are and discuss your existing systems.  We will assist you in determining the number of workstations needed and what tasks that workstation is to perform.  We will discuss remote communication, login security, battery backup, data backup and disaster recovery. We will review speed expectations, performance issues, hardware upgrades and growth expectations.  When we have all the facts we will suggest your alternatives and provide solutions for Hardware, Operating Systems and Network Configurations. 

Other Clients

InnSource Solutions provides IT procurement, training, systems integration, and technical services and support to a wide range of businesses looking to implement or upgrade their hardware and software business solutions.

A sample of our current clients include Lawyers, Dental , Orthodontic and Optometrists offices as well as many other business types.


For clients who require hardware, we will determine or provide hardware components needed. Each client's computer needs are as different as their companies. We recommend the computer components that are best suited for your needs and budget. 

Our prices are competitive for the products and services provided. We commit to providing our clients VALUE, the best solutions and service at reasonable cost. InnSource Solutions stands behind every solution that we provide we will implement them efficiently from the beginning.

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